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Find the Right Boiler Installer Service

Boiler installer service

The search for a boiler installer company who provide a fast and reliable boiler installation service can be a long winded process. With competitive prices for all manner of services that you may not necessarily use, it is good to first understand your boiler needs and requirements; what boiler system you may need so that the necessary system can be installed that is most beneficiary form you house or commercial property. 

Hot Water Tap

Boiler Installer Services

Understanding the type of boiler that you have in your commercial or residential property can be beneficial to the property owner when looking into different boiler installer companies and services that are provided. When looking into the different types of boiler system and certain classifications of boiler it is noticed that different boiler types have unique advantages and disadvantage which could be more beneficial than your existing boiler application. These boiler types consist of the system boiler and the combi boiler systems. For example, if you are in a bigger residential or commercial property if your boiler is undersized it may not generate enough heat in to cover the house causing boiler repairs problem in the future.

System Boiler

It is important to understand the pros and cons of each boiler type when looking into what boiler system is more advantageous for your property so that the perfect, specialist boiler installer company for you can be chosen.

If you have a bigger residential or commercial property, the system boiler may be the more efficient system for you. Like traditional boilers the system boiler uses external warm water cylinders to store the hot water taking their water supply directly from the mains and in addition this system does not require a water tank in the loft or cupboard.


  • Easy & quick boiler installer – Compact boiler system with individual components of the heating and hot water system being built into a System boiler
  • High hot water demand – Large stored water tank so multiple taps can be used simultaneously
  • Economical and efficient – Include a pump, which means very quick response time and has more economic running costs.


  • More space consuming due to hot water tank
  • The amount of hot water available is directly correlated to your hot water tank size
  • Professional and timely boiler installer required due to hot water cylinder

Combi Boiler

The combi boiler installer system is probably the most common and cost effective system for residential homes available on the market. Unlike the system boiler before, the combi boiler system does not require a water cylinder the combi heats water directly from the mains and whenever a tap is turned on, you can get unlimited hot water whenever you need it


  • Instant hot water & central heating
  • Low risk of pipework freezing
  • Easily maintain due to less pipe work



  • Not very good for home with low water pressure
  • Leaks can easily cause low water pressure
  • Struggles in larger properties


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